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Sunday, November 20, 2011

NEWSLETTER- Fall/Winter Edition

The Brite House has been in syndication for 15 years. The newsletter gets mailed three to four times a year to our mailing list.
We still mail the newsletter but also offer content to our readers on-line. This is our Fall/Winter edition for 2011.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday season.

In this edition:

- I-Square Changing a Community
- Quick tips for selling during winter and the holidays
- Celebrating 40 years in business

Thank you to all of our ad sponsors.

I-Square Promising a Better Community

With demolition of the first building came a new sense of hope for Irondequoit town residents. I-Square, the project that seemed impossible was going to happen. Mike and Wendy Nolan are owners and partners in this plan to revive Irondequoit and give it the shopping, entertainment and cultural district residents have desired for so long. The announcement of the project was made in a rather small way with the introduction of a facebook page and the details painted on the front window of the old Titus Hardware building. Little by little word made way through the town and the Nolan’s were interviewed by the press. As with any major change there are questions. Many, many questions. And one of the greatest things about the Nolan’s is their willingness and even eagerness to answer all questions and receive feedback and ideas from residents. They truly want I-Square to be spectacular and fulfill the desires of those who will be patronizing the shops and restaurants. This is a community project. And they have already proven that to be true with the open house offering people time to speak with Mike face to face and answer inquiries.

I-Square held an “Art Bash” asking members of the community to come forward and show off their artistic abilities. People were able to vote for their favorite paintings and the winners received prizes at the auction. There are plans for many more community involved projects in the future. Now that the development is underway the time line is very important. The first part of demolition will continue with the 2 houses on the current street called Stranahan, 1 house on Union Park, and the commercial building on Union Park. There is much work to be done on the infrastructure such as 2 different sewers that are being re-built from scratch and taking down the telephone poles and putting all power lines underground. The first new building will be completed early next winter located on the back left of Cooper Road Extension.

One of the best things about the I-Square plan is the amount of creativity going into the project. It seems like waiting a long time to see our town center development is what we needed to get the right people to make something happen. Most of the buildings will have themes. For example, there will be a stage building with an outdoor amphitheatre facing into what will become the official “I-Square.” The music theme may be supported by chairs in the shape of music notes. There will be an art building with a gallery and art store. And also a personal services building where you can stop at the tailor or salon. Further details to unfold as the project progresses.

Mike and Wendy Nolan plan on owning and maintaining I-Square long after the it is complete (roughly 4 years). They have no intention of selling off any part of the development for many reasons. Namely they want the integrity of the development to stay in tact, be cohesive, and continue to be under the same management. In a sense I-Square will never really be complete; it will continue to grow and thrive as businesses move in and make their own mark on our new town center. There will be an evolution of ideas and a place in our town to gather as a community and enjoy everything Irondequoit has to offer.

Demolition of the former Titus Hardware Building October 19.

For more information in I-Square visit their website http://www.i-square.us/ and find them on facebook

Steve Walther receives recogntion from the Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce for 40 years in business and serving his community. Pictured here with son, Greg and daughter, Erica- both are Associate Brokers.

Five Quick Tips for Selling During the Winter and Holidays

Make sure driveway and sidewalks are always cleared of snow and ice.

Show off outdoor spaces such as decks and patios by clearing off snow. And keep furniture displayed to maximize these amenities as selling features.

Less is more when decorating during the holidays. Keep many of your decorations stowed away so as not to distract potential buyers.

Keep house temperature at a comfortable level during open houses and showings.

Place boot trays and floor mats at front and rear entrances to help keep your floors clean.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Referral Program 2012

Here’s your opportunity to win a weekend getaway at a beautiful New York State resort.

Simple Rules and Lots of Fun

1. Referral year is December thru November
2. For each Referral we receive, either for a listing or house sale, the referring person’s name gets placed in our “jar.”

We hold a drawing for the winner at the end of the year. The one winner whose name is drawn receives:

  • 2 night stay at one of the following: Mirbeau Inn & Spa in Skaneatlas, Mirror Lake Inn Resort in Lake Placid, Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown
  • Spa Treatment
  • $200. Visa gift card

The winner can go anytime from January 1st-October 31st, 2013
*subject to room availability

Remember, we love Referrals! Thank you for all your past, present and future referrals!

Steve Walther

To learn more about the destination places visit their websites:




Monday, October 3, 2011

Safety Tips for Realtors

The following are safety tips for real estate agents during open houses and property showings:

  • Before showing a property have the client come to your office and provide you with their information. Never meet a new client for the first time at a vacant property.

  • If possible keep at least one other person with you at all times.

  • Always let someone know where you are going and how long you plan on being there. Check in often.

  • Be sure your cell phone is charged and emergency numbers are programmed.

  • Show properties and hold open houses before dark whenever possible.

  • Inform neighbors you are showing the property. They can serve as a lookout for suspicious activity.

  • Drive separately to showings.

  • Never park your car where it can be blocked in.

  • Upon entering a home determine evacuation routes in the case of an emergency.

  • When hosting an open house have all visitors sign in. Allow visitors to access the property through one door- making sure to keep side, rear, and garage doors locked.

  • Always walk behind prospective clients.

  • Come up with a fake scenario that allows you leave the property quickly in the event you feel uncomfortable. For example," I need to take this call." And exit.

It is important to always be cautious and trust your instincts!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Six Steps to Owning a Home- Bank Side

The following are six steps toward owning a home on the finance side. Your REALTOR can also assist you in obtaining a mortgage and consult with you on affording a home.

1.Determining a mortgage payment you can afford.

Many times you can qualify for a bigger mortgage than you may feel comfortable paying. Calculate how much of a house you can afford before looking. You don't want to find your dream home only to determine that it is out of your budget.

2. Pre-Qualify

Visit a local lender to determine the dollar amount of the mortgage or purchase price you qualify for. Pre-qualification is based on income, debts, available cash, and credit history. A buyer may also have to provide job history and a debt to income ratio.

3. Submit the Application for Mortgage

This typically happens after you have a signed purchase contract on a property.

4. Rate Lock

At the time you submit your application you have the option of locking your rate which means your mortgage will be based on the current mortgage rate that day. There is also the option of waiting or "floating" the rate. Check with your mortgage lender on terms and conditions.

5. Coordinate Your Closing

After your application is approved a closing coordinator will assist you as you get closer to your closing date to ensure that all documents needed are signed and given to the correct parties.

6. Closing

At closing you will sign all the legal documents and pay necessary fees. You will receive the keys to your new property.
Congratulations. You are a home owner.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mortgage Programs

Conventional Mortgages
  • 5% minimum down - five percent of purchase price
  • Fixed or adjustable rates available
  • Closing costs may be financed (check with your lender for terms and amount)

  • For first-time buyers or US Veterans* (those who have not owned a home within past 3 years)
  • Owner- occupied properties only
  • Minimum 3% down payment
  • Purchase price and income limits apply
For more information check out the NYS Homes and Community Renewal Website.

FHA Mortgages

FHA insured loans are a type of federal assistance and have historically allowed lower income Americans to borrow money for the purchase of a home that they would not otherwise be able to afford. To obtain mortgage insurance from the Federal Housing Administration, a mortgage insurance premium (MIP) equal to a percentage of the loan amount at closing is required, and is normally financed by the lender and paid to FHA on the borrower's behalf. Depending on the loan-to-value ratio, there may be a monthly premium as well.

  • No income limits
  • Minimum 3.5% down payment
  • Required federal government mortgage insurance

VA Loan

  • The only mortgage product with NO down payment
  • No private mortgage insurance
  • Relaxed credit qualifications
  • All-time low interest rates
  • For more information click here


Monday, July 25, 2011

The Property Must Sell

Sellers have different reasons for listing their property. Often times the situation is not dire, they simply want to be in a different neighborhood, area of town, or would like more space. If their house does not sell, they may be disappointed, but not necessarily in a bad spot.

However, there are many scenarios where the property must sell and owner's are feeling the pressure. For example, relocation, estate sales, medical issues, and job loss.

There are a few things to understand when selling under pressure. The sale price of the home years ago has no relevance today. Improvements that have been made will not bring back a dollar for dollar return. And improvements such as a roof, driveway, new furnace will make the property easier to sell but will not ensure a higher sale price.

It is important to keep in mind that a buyer will not pay a premium price simply because the seller feels their home is worth a certain amount.

If you are facing a deadline to sell, the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) provided by your agent is the key to determining the initial list price because it reflects the average sale price - not list price. To sell quickly and stay ahead of the competition a seller should list the property below the average sale price or market value. Market value is what the buyer is willing to pay for a house. It is important to look at recent sales because a house that sold even a year ago may not reflect current market value.

If you need a quick sale, the best approach is to list under market value. An under priced home will seem like a bargain and attract more attention. It is always better to sell low sooner than to reduce the price and sell low later.

*image provided by google images

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cost v. Return

What improvements give you the biggest return on investment? This can be a tough question to answer and quantify, however there are some definite ways to improve a property that will get a seller a better sale price.

HomeGain did their annual home improvement and staging survey. The marketing company surveyed nearly 600 real estate professionals to find out which DIY home improvement projects give sellers the biggest return on investment

The following are six projects under $1000 (amounts estimated) that made their list:

1) Cleaning and de-cluttering - Remove any personal items, clear off counter tops, organize closets and shelves, and make home sparkling clean

Cost $50-300
Return- $ 1,990

2) Brightening- Clean all windows inside and out, replace old curtains/blinds, update lighting fixtures, and remove any thing that blocks light from the windows (ie: china cabinet, bed frame)

Cost- $375
Return- $ 1,550

3) Smart staging- rearrange furniture, remove furniture to make room seem bigger and create a good flow, bring in new accessories and furnishings (could be from other rooms in the house) to enhance rooms.

Cost- FREE
Return- $2194

4) Landscaping enhancements- To create curb appeal and freshen up back yard add mulch, bushes and flowers. Maintain lawn and current plantings well.

Cost- $540
Return- $1,932

5) Repairing electrical or plumbing- Fix leaks under sinks, remove any mildew stains, and ensure all plumbing is in good working condition. Update the home's electrical with new wiring for modern appliances, fix any lights or outlets that do not work, and replace old plug points with new safety features.

Cost- $535
Return- $1,505

6) Replacing or shampooing dirty carpets- steam clean carpets, replace worn carpets, and repair any floor creaks.

Cost- $647
Return - $1,739

Other ideas for simple staging:
1) fresh flowers
2) sheer curtains
3) area rugs
4) outdoor furniture on decks and patios (even in winter)
5) bowl of fresh fruit in kitchen or dining room
6) new house numbers
7) new mailbox
8) wreath on front door

*image provided by google images

Friday, May 20, 2011

Improvements for Saleability

When thinking of make improvements to your home, be very thoughtful as to where you are spending your money as well as time and energy.

If you are prepping your home for sale or know that you will not be in a home for more than a few years, it is important to understand what really adds value (money you may be able to recoup) and improvements that are necessary to make to ensure a quicker sale at a better price.

Many people make the mistake of spending money on their homes that they think will allow them to raise the potential list price. However, maintenance issues that come with every house such as exterior paint, roofs, driveway repair, and electric or plumbing issues that need to be resolved don't necessarily allow a homeowner to ask for more money with selling their. These items are called deferred maintenance. Buyers, especially today expect these things to be taken care of by the previous owner. They are not generally looked at as adding value but more as enhancing the overall saleability of the house.

Without maintaining the property, a seller is facing the lack of serious buyers, "low-ball" offers, or minimal prospective buyers willing to even view the property.

That aside there are improvements to be made that can allow a seller to add value to their property. Taking down wall paper and freshly painting rooms is not costly but makes any home more appealing. Ripping up old carpet and exposing hardwood floors is a huge plus. If the floors need to be refinished, it is recommended to spend some money doing this task and finishing the job with shoe moldings. Gleaming hardwood floors make the house look fresh and clean.

Outdated kitchens and baths are a huge sticking point with buyers. Remodeling these rooms does add value but you never get 100% return on your investment. In a kitchen it may be wise to choose parts of the kitchen that can be changed such as a new floor and back splash but leaving the cabinetry as is or perhaps painting it and adding new hardware.

Bathrooms are extremely costly to remodel. While a new bathroom will add value and will be very appealing to buyers, it may be risky to spend a lot of money to update a bathroom. This is a choice to be made very carefully perhaps with the help of a Realtor.

A seller has to ask themselves where is the best place to spend their money to improve saleability. Often times the answer is by taking care of deferred maintenance issues which can result in receiving a purchase offer closer to your asking price in a quicker amount of time.

Spending time and money to "clean up" the home and property is the most effective way to add value. Putting in all new windows- again, while attractive to buyers - will not give you a good return on investment.

In a real estate market where values are falling and there is an over abundance of homes on the market, sellers must be very conscientious of how to make their property stand out and increase traffic. It is extremely difficult in this market to get an offer. The goal is to get an offer from a buyer who really wants the property and is willing to pay a good price for the listing.

It is hard to sell any property as the homeowner because of the memories, time spent taking care of the home, and making improvements that you believe add value and should be appealing to potential buyers. Once the house hits the market many sellers are finding themselves disappointed by the reaction of buyers.

It is important to try and not be discouraged. Patience is key in a slow market. Listen to the advisement of your Realtor. Retain the feedback, and if there is something a seller can do once buyers have viewed the property consult with your Realtor as to whether it is necessary to make any changes to appease buyers.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Specialty of Specializing

Walther REALTORS is proud to say that for 40 years we have been doing business with the residents of Monroe County. Being hired to facilitate the sale or purchase of a home is a huge responsibility. We are honored that so many people, sometimes multiple times have given us the opportunity to be their REALTOR. Throughout the years our office has become known as one who specializes in Irondequoit, Rochester and the northern suburbs. We formed a niche as an office that is extremely knowledgeable of Irondequoit– it’s homes, residents, schools, businesses and amenities.

From testimonials we have received feedback over the years that we provide excellent customer service, are attentive to our clients and customers needs, and our vast knowledge of the area makes us competitive. We specialize in Irondequoit, however a good REALTOR is one who knows the business, understands what buyers and sellers need, and helps make transactions go smoothly and close!

Examining each transaction whether it be in the suburb of Penfield or the city of Rochester, we focus on our agent’s capacity to serve the needs of the client.

We are proud to have our roots in Irondequoit. Our knowledge is unparalleled in the Rochester real estate market. We are also proud that customers and clients from all over the Monroe county area call us, refer us, and hire us to sell their property or purchase a home.

Think of your favorite restaurant. They have an amazing dish that gets people talking and in the door. There is also a complete menu of other items that are equally as popular and keep customers coming back. Success comes from being versatile, listening to your customers, and finding that one thing that makes you stand out.

Thank you for supporting us since 1971 and believing in the necessity of the small business and its place in the community. We appreciate all of our past, present, and future customers.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Isn't That House Selling?

We hear this remakr all the time. "Something must be wrong with that house. It's been on the market for months."

In some cases, there are obvious reasons why a property has not sold- the list price started out too high, it needs things like a roof or is dated, or it is a unique property in need of a particular buyer like a home with an in-law set-up.

However, in the majority of cases at this time, houses are sitting on the market because there are fewer buyers looking to purchase a home. When the credit crisis hit and the nation saw banks and lending institutions closing left and right, the requirements for buying a house ie: good credit scores weeded out a vast majority of prospective buyers.

People with credit problems and insufficient cash to close found themselves locked out of the opportunity to get a mortgage. With banks having stricter policies to be approved for a mortgage the buyers that are able to get financing tend to be serious buyers. They are out looking at properties and they want to buy, especially to take advantage of the record low interest rates.

We have rebounded somewhat from the credit crisis. Prospective buyers from 2010 have been working on their credit and depending on how in depth their problems were, they may see resolve soon and will now be able to get financing.

But the lack of buyers is also due to the fact that people are nervous. They are anxious to make big purchases, upgrade for fear of job loss, the stock market, and other variables. We have seen an increase in activity in the Rochester market. This is a great sign not only for real estate but for the national economy. The status of the real estate market is a key indicator to our economy as a whole. If people are not purchasing properties (a very large investment) then they are probably not spending money on other things such as vacations, cars, home improvements.

There are many houses on the market right now. Buyers and sellers tend to get nervous about this. "Why are so many houses for sale?"

The answer is simple- despite a tough economy life goes on. People are downsizing due to age or personal finances, death, relocating, upgrading due to increase in family size. We are also in the "spring" market which tends to be busier because leases for apartments come up in late spring, people want to be settled in their new home for the upcoming school year, and in this part of the country we are unburied from our difficult winters.

Bottom line is that if you are looking to purchase, don't discredit a property simply because it has been for sale for what you deem a long time. Most often there is not a cut and dry explanation as to why a property has not sold. There is a buyer for every house. Maybe that cape-cod you've had your eye on for a few weeks is the one for you!

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Expectations When Listing Your Property

The housing market in Rochester has not seen the drastic dips in property values like other places of the country. However, our home values have dropped. If you purchased your home less than 7 or even 10 years ago, it may be very difficult to get much more than you paid for it.

There are a few reasons for this. Rochester values only increased on average 3% per year. The recession has stalled those numbers and given us a stagnent market. Purchasing a property that was dilapidated and in need of some serious overhauling and getting it for way under market value may be one of the few ways to see an increase in what the market will bear at this point. Even then you have to look at the money you put into the property and weigh what allows you to list the house at a certain price. For example, putting a new roof on a home does not necessarily add value but it allows the homeowner to sell their home with less hassle. Buyers do not want to take on a previous homeowners deferred maintenance.

Determining your list price with the help of a real estate agent is the number one way to get your house sold. More and more agents are having to tell homeowners that the list price or sale price they had in mind may not be possible. Buyers determine the value of a property and one of our biggest problems right now is the lack of buyers. Many listings and few buyers mean that if a buyer thinks your house is overpriced or needs too much "work," they will move on to plenty of other potential listings for them to buy.

What to expect when listing?

Have patience.

There are some homeowners who are selling their properties rather quickly (within 2-3 weeks). But that is not the truth for the majority. This does not necessarily reflect the condition of the home but the simple fact that it is taking longer to find a buyer.

Get your home in shape.

Now more than ever homeowners need to step it up with repairs and overall appearance of the property before putting in on the market. Don't wait to get the "feedback" from buyers that the carpet is worn, the rooms need to be painted, or there is too much clutter. In a fickle market with buyer's who do not have a sense of urgency, you may only get one shot to make that first impression.

Look at the comparable sales.

What the current market is showing in terms of home sale prices and days on market will be a reflection on selling your own home. Even though each property is different, the same rules apply. The buyer has the advantage. If you list your house properly from day one, you have a better chance of getting a price closer to what your "bottom line" is and selling in fewer days or months.

Condition and price. Condition and price. The 2 most important things when selling a property.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Prep

Now more than ever it is important to have your property in top-knotch condition when putting it on the market. There are many inexpensive things a homeowner can do to get their property in shape before being viewed by prospective buyers.

  • Clean the windows- for crystal clear glass sponge on then squeegee off soapy water. Use horizontal strokes on one side of the pane and vertical strokes on the other to make streaks easier to spot. Buff out small scratches with toothpaste. To remove paint specks or sticky lables, dampen and scrape off with a plastic razor blade

  • Renail gutters- If your gutters are sagging, one of the spikes that secure them to the fascia board may have come loose.

  • Deep clean the house-
Here are some surprisingly good cleaning agents: 1) Baby wipes- use fragrance free wips to eliminate dust and dirt from antique furniture without marring fine finishes 2) Ketchup- polish dusty or dull spots in a copper sink. Ketchup acts as a mild acid. Sponge clean. 3) Nail-polish remover- Erase everything from paint splotches to ink stains from laminate floors by adding a few drops of an acetone formula to a rage and spot cleaning 4) Oven cleaner- dissolve drain stains on a white enameled cast-iron tub witha coat of oven cleaner. Let sit for an hour or two and then scrub with steel wool.

  • Add to your curb appeal

Make buyers want to come inside the house. Changing the color of shutters and the front door can create a whole new look for your property. Add a wreath and welcome mat to polish off the entry. Create more depth on the facade of your house by adding window boxes and shutters.

Liven up your landscaping- Prune and trim shrubbery, remove dead or unsighlty bushes. Add a splash of color to front gardens. Hanging baskets and planters at the entry or on a patio or deck make the home seem more inviting.

These are just some examples of simple ways to make your property stand out. With a large amount of houses on the market, you want buyers to keep your home on their list and potentially come back for a second look- and make an offer!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Calling Irondequoit Home

Rory and Tracey Fitzpatrick are like many Irondequoit couples. Both originally from Irondequoit, they met in high school, married and started a family. However, Rory’s career as a professional hockey player allowed them the opportunity to visit and live in many different cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. After having children they bought their first home in Irondequoit. As their family expanded they purchased a bigger home in Irondequoit and seven years later have made many improvements to make the home their own.

Rory played hockey for the Montreal Canadiens, Rochester Amerks, Buffalo Sabres, Vancouver Canuks, St. Louis Blues to name a few. Many people in their position may have considered moving their family from where they have always called home to make life easier. Rory and Tracey both agreed that while many of the places they have visited have nice features, there is nothing like Rochester, especially Irondequoit. They both commented that having family support was always very important to them. Allowing their 4 children to make a life in the same town where they group up was a conscious choice.

“There’s something about Irondequoit that makes it different. Being able to hop on your bike and ride forever on the side walked streets make our town unique,” said Rory.
Rory is enjoying his first year of retirement after a 15 year career playing hockey. Their children are ages 6, 8, 9, and 12. Rory and Tracey are both content to continue building their life in Irondequoit, creating new memories and traditions.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maximize Selling Features During Winter

Every fall and winter we are questioned whether or not a seller should wait until the spring to list their house. The answer is no. Real estate transactions occur every day, every month of the year. In a climate with season change the perception is that the cold wintry months are a deterrent for buyers. The real estate market is cyclical. But season is not the only factor in this trend. The economy and interest rates are other contributing factors as to why a market may be slow at times. We always emphasize that while December can have less action than most months due to the holidays, prolonging the sale of you property or taking it off the market may, in fact be detrimental to your ability to sell your home.

Many sellers choose to list in the spring or take their home “off the market” after Thanksgiving. This reduces the inventory greatly. Take advantage of less competition by choosing to keep your home multiple listed during the holiday season and winter months you are increasing your chances of exposure because the inventory has shrunk. We have sold houses in snow storms, days before and after Christmas because if the house is for sale, there is always a potential buyer out their waiting to find the right home that suits there needs and situation. During the holidays we see many out of towners visiting family and friend who are looking to move back to the area. They are ready to buy and your home may be what they are looking for.
The following are some tips for staging your home during the holiday season and winter months to help maximize its value and showing potential. All at little to no cost!

Because most buyers will be viewing a property after sunset it is important to showcase the inside and the outside with proper lighting. Consider using a flood light to show off the architectural features of the home and enhance curb appeal. Add lamps to rooms and use higher wattage bulbs when necessary to brighten up interior rooms.

Seasonal D├ęcor-
When selling during the holidays it is important to consider leaving some of your decorations tucked away. Less is always more when staging a home. You want to give a warm seasonal feel without inundating the buyer so that they cannot focus on the architectural features of the home. It is also important to have clear traffic patterns in the rooms and show off the space in the best possible way. Be choosey with your holiday decorations. You may have to stow away some of your bigger decorations while your house is on the market.

Show off exterior selling points-
Despite snow fall and cold temperatures highlight your deck, patio or outdoor sitting area. Remove the snow, set up outdoor tables and chairs, keep the grill out just like you would in warmer months. Help buyers envision themselves making your backyard part of their lifestyle. If you have a deck, make it an extension of your home. Staging the space with a table, chairs, and outdoor pillows that play off interior accents make the indoor space seem larger and more inviting.

Show off your spring and summer landscaping-
Display photos of your gardens and landscaping during warm months. A digital photo frame is an excellent tool for showing buyers what the exterior of the home and the yard are like when everything is in bloom. If the property has a garden(s), make a list of the perennials that are planted and where they are located. Landscaping can be very expensive and time consuming. Many potential buyers will be pleased to learned the seller has invested time and money on the yard.

Clear walkways and driveway-
Don’t’ forget to clear your front and rear walks; a snow-filled driveway is unappealing right from the start. A seller wants to make it easy and comfortable for a buyer to enter their home. Trudging up to an entrance in deep snow can be a turn off. Keep plenty of rugs at the entries so buyers can clean off and remove their shoes. Also, by clearing off driveway, decks, and patio you are giving a buyer the true sense of their size. A double wide driveway is a great selling feature but only if they know it is there.