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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sign Up, Sign Down

A Realtor's job is easy to sum up- sell a property in the quickest amount of time for the most money possible. One of the reason's Walther REALTORS is remains a strong presence in the very competitive industry of real estate is because we have the basic job a Realtor mastered. There are many other job descriptions of a Realtor that classify one as effective or ineffective. For example, knowledge and expertise help to keep deals together. This is the biggest job of a Realtor. Once the contract is signed there are other negotiations to deal with like the Property Inspection or Well and Septic Test. But a sale is not complete until it closes. A good Realtor will keep tabs on their contracts until it closes because there are many things that can arise during the wait time to close. In this tough economy some buyers get scared of losing their jobs and consider backing out of the deal. However, it is important to inform the buyer of all the positives of buying a home right now- $8000 tax credit to first buyer's, historically low interest rates.

When working with sellers Walther REALTORS is an asset. The consumer knows we are experts, have years of experience, provide the best customer service, and get houses sold. Our listings tend to sell quickly and smoothly so you won't see our FOR SALE signs lingering around for months at a time. Some people think it is a good thing to see tons of signs on properties; they believe it reflects that company is doing a good job. However, the sign should go up and come down in the quickest amount of time possible. As stated before that is what marks the success of a good Realtor.
**But, remember a good Realtor needs the help of the seller in order to be successful. Price and condition are the most important factors in selling a home. The Realtor knows what price point will get the house sold because they have the experience of selling properties. Suggestions to help the property show better should be strongly considered. Buyers are very picky and will pass on a house for what may seem like the littlest reason such as old carpet.