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Sunday, November 20, 2011

NEWSLETTER- Fall/Winter Edition

The Brite House has been in syndication for 15 years. The newsletter gets mailed three to four times a year to our mailing list.
We still mail the newsletter but also offer content to our readers on-line. This is our Fall/Winter edition for 2011.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the holiday season.

In this edition:

- I-Square Changing a Community
- Quick tips for selling during winter and the holidays
- Celebrating 40 years in business

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I-Square Promising a Better Community

With demolition of the first building came a new sense of hope for Irondequoit town residents. I-Square, the project that seemed impossible was going to happen. Mike and Wendy Nolan are owners and partners in this plan to revive Irondequoit and give it the shopping, entertainment and cultural district residents have desired for so long. The announcement of the project was made in a rather small way with the introduction of a facebook page and the details painted on the front window of the old Titus Hardware building. Little by little word made way through the town and the Nolan’s were interviewed by the press. As with any major change there are questions. Many, many questions. And one of the greatest things about the Nolan’s is their willingness and even eagerness to answer all questions and receive feedback and ideas from residents. They truly want I-Square to be spectacular and fulfill the desires of those who will be patronizing the shops and restaurants. This is a community project. And they have already proven that to be true with the open house offering people time to speak with Mike face to face and answer inquiries.

I-Square held an “Art Bash” asking members of the community to come forward and show off their artistic abilities. People were able to vote for their favorite paintings and the winners received prizes at the auction. There are plans for many more community involved projects in the future. Now that the development is underway the time line is very important. The first part of demolition will continue with the 2 houses on the current street called Stranahan, 1 house on Union Park, and the commercial building on Union Park. There is much work to be done on the infrastructure such as 2 different sewers that are being re-built from scratch and taking down the telephone poles and putting all power lines underground. The first new building will be completed early next winter located on the back left of Cooper Road Extension.

One of the best things about the I-Square plan is the amount of creativity going into the project. It seems like waiting a long time to see our town center development is what we needed to get the right people to make something happen. Most of the buildings will have themes. For example, there will be a stage building with an outdoor amphitheatre facing into what will become the official “I-Square.” The music theme may be supported by chairs in the shape of music notes. There will be an art building with a gallery and art store. And also a personal services building where you can stop at the tailor or salon. Further details to unfold as the project progresses.

Mike and Wendy Nolan plan on owning and maintaining I-Square long after the it is complete (roughly 4 years). They have no intention of selling off any part of the development for many reasons. Namely they want the integrity of the development to stay in tact, be cohesive, and continue to be under the same management. In a sense I-Square will never really be complete; it will continue to grow and thrive as businesses move in and make their own mark on our new town center. There will be an evolution of ideas and a place in our town to gather as a community and enjoy everything Irondequoit has to offer.

Demolition of the former Titus Hardware Building October 19.

For more information in I-Square visit their website http://www.i-square.us/ and find them on facebook

Steve Walther receives recogntion from the Irondequoit Chamber of Commerce for 40 years in business and serving his community. Pictured here with son, Greg and daughter, Erica- both are Associate Brokers.

Five Quick Tips for Selling During the Winter and Holidays

Make sure driveway and sidewalks are always cleared of snow and ice.

Show off outdoor spaces such as decks and patios by clearing off snow. And keep furniture displayed to maximize these amenities as selling features.

Less is more when decorating during the holidays. Keep many of your decorations stowed away so as not to distract potential buyers.

Keep house temperature at a comfortable level during open houses and showings.

Place boot trays and floor mats at front and rear entrances to help keep your floors clean.


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