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Friday, January 14, 2011

Calling Irondequoit Home

Rory and Tracey Fitzpatrick are like many Irondequoit couples. Both originally from Irondequoit, they met in high school, married and started a family. However, Rory’s career as a professional hockey player allowed them the opportunity to visit and live in many different cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. After having children they bought their first home in Irondequoit. As their family expanded they purchased a bigger home in Irondequoit and seven years later have made many improvements to make the home their own.

Rory played hockey for the Montreal Canadiens, Rochester Amerks, Buffalo Sabres, Vancouver Canuks, St. Louis Blues to name a few. Many people in their position may have considered moving their family from where they have always called home to make life easier. Rory and Tracey both agreed that while many of the places they have visited have nice features, there is nothing like Rochester, especially Irondequoit. They both commented that having family support was always very important to them. Allowing their 4 children to make a life in the same town where they group up was a conscious choice.

“There’s something about Irondequoit that makes it different. Being able to hop on your bike and ride forever on the side walked streets make our town unique,” said Rory.
Rory is enjoying his first year of retirement after a 15 year career playing hockey. Their children are ages 6, 8, 9, and 12. Rory and Tracey are both content to continue building their life in Irondequoit, creating new memories and traditions.

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