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Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Prep

Now more than ever it is important to have your property in top-knotch condition when putting it on the market. There are many inexpensive things a homeowner can do to get their property in shape before being viewed by prospective buyers.

  • Clean the windows- for crystal clear glass sponge on then squeegee off soapy water. Use horizontal strokes on one side of the pane and vertical strokes on the other to make streaks easier to spot. Buff out small scratches with toothpaste. To remove paint specks or sticky lables, dampen and scrape off with a plastic razor blade

  • Renail gutters- If your gutters are sagging, one of the spikes that secure them to the fascia board may have come loose.

  • Deep clean the house-
Here are some surprisingly good cleaning agents: 1) Baby wipes- use fragrance free wips to eliminate dust and dirt from antique furniture without marring fine finishes 2) Ketchup- polish dusty or dull spots in a copper sink. Ketchup acts as a mild acid. Sponge clean. 3) Nail-polish remover- Erase everything from paint splotches to ink stains from laminate floors by adding a few drops of an acetone formula to a rage and spot cleaning 4) Oven cleaner- dissolve drain stains on a white enameled cast-iron tub witha coat of oven cleaner. Let sit for an hour or two and then scrub with steel wool.

  • Add to your curb appeal

Make buyers want to come inside the house. Changing the color of shutters and the front door can create a whole new look for your property. Add a wreath and welcome mat to polish off the entry. Create more depth on the facade of your house by adding window boxes and shutters.

Liven up your landscaping- Prune and trim shrubbery, remove dead or unsighlty bushes. Add a splash of color to front gardens. Hanging baskets and planters at the entry or on a patio or deck make the home seem more inviting.

These are just some examples of simple ways to make your property stand out. With a large amount of houses on the market, you want buyers to keep your home on their list and potentially come back for a second look- and make an offer!

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