42 years in business.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Specialty of Specializing

Walther REALTORS is proud to say that for 40 years we have been doing business with the residents of Monroe County. Being hired to facilitate the sale or purchase of a home is a huge responsibility. We are honored that so many people, sometimes multiple times have given us the opportunity to be their REALTOR. Throughout the years our office has become known as one who specializes in Irondequoit, Rochester and the northern suburbs. We formed a niche as an office that is extremely knowledgeable of Irondequoit– it’s homes, residents, schools, businesses and amenities.

From testimonials we have received feedback over the years that we provide excellent customer service, are attentive to our clients and customers needs, and our vast knowledge of the area makes us competitive. We specialize in Irondequoit, however a good REALTOR is one who knows the business, understands what buyers and sellers need, and helps make transactions go smoothly and close!

Examining each transaction whether it be in the suburb of Penfield or the city of Rochester, we focus on our agent’s capacity to serve the needs of the client.

We are proud to have our roots in Irondequoit. Our knowledge is unparalleled in the Rochester real estate market. We are also proud that customers and clients from all over the Monroe county area call us, refer us, and hire us to sell their property or purchase a home.

Think of your favorite restaurant. They have an amazing dish that gets people talking and in the door. There is also a complete menu of other items that are equally as popular and keep customers coming back. Success comes from being versatile, listening to your customers, and finding that one thing that makes you stand out.

Thank you for supporting us since 1971 and believing in the necessity of the small business and its place in the community. We appreciate all of our past, present, and future customers.

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