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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Property Must Sell

Sellers have different reasons for listing their property. Often times the situation is not dire, they simply want to be in a different neighborhood, area of town, or would like more space. If their house does not sell, they may be disappointed, but not necessarily in a bad spot.

However, there are many scenarios where the property must sell and owner's are feeling the pressure. For example, relocation, estate sales, medical issues, and job loss.

There are a few things to understand when selling under pressure. The sale price of the home years ago has no relevance today. Improvements that have been made will not bring back a dollar for dollar return. And improvements such as a roof, driveway, new furnace will make the property easier to sell but will not ensure a higher sale price.

It is important to keep in mind that a buyer will not pay a premium price simply because the seller feels their home is worth a certain amount.

If you are facing a deadline to sell, the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) provided by your agent is the key to determining the initial list price because it reflects the average sale price - not list price. To sell quickly and stay ahead of the competition a seller should list the property below the average sale price or market value. Market value is what the buyer is willing to pay for a house. It is important to look at recent sales because a house that sold even a year ago may not reflect current market value.

If you need a quick sale, the best approach is to list under market value. An under priced home will seem like a bargain and attract more attention. It is always better to sell low sooner than to reduce the price and sell low later.

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