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Monday, December 24, 2012

A Step in the Right Direction?

There was an article published yesterday in the Democrat and Chronicle covering where Irondequoit stands in economic development and community projects. The article entitled  "Irondequoit May Be at a Tipping Point" written by Justin Murphy begins by offering two scenarios for Irondequoit's future- that the town will succeed in advancing the business and social community or it will fail. Speaking about the town board's proposal for a new joint library on town hall property he writes that the project will come to fruition and benefit the town  "or it will fall victim to the same bitter resistance to change."

It is discouraging to read this because it points out once again how the public views the town of Irondequoit. While there is optimism in the article as well, it is frustrating that the town is viewed as obstinate to change and unwilling to compromise and move forward with progression on all levels. This negative image needs to be changed. We need people, including our current residents, to feel confident again. We cannot afford to continue on with this negative image.

The article reflects the critical stage of different proposed projects for the town of Irondequoit and how they will impact the town as a whole. More importantly it points out how badly we need positive changes to bring Irondequoit back to life. I don't want people to view our town and it's government as incapable of making decisions that will lead to development. I don't want people to view our community as resistant to change and unable to move forward for the better of the majority of the citizens who are screaming for change and progress.

The last week has been full of positive news for economic growth in Irondequoit. I was invited to last Thursday's workshop with the town board regarding the I-Square Development. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the town board initiated a decision to have the lawyers representing both parties get together and hash out a plan, inferring that the 25 year PILOT may be a go.

My optimistic side believes that I-Square is back on track, that the proposed new library will be the spark to finally get that unresolved conflict closer to a conclusion, and a feeling of progression may turn Irondequoit's image around. But I need to see results.

2103 could be the year the Irondequoit community has been waiting for. It could mean breaking ground at I-Square and seeing the new Cooper Road Extension built. We could witness the future of our town take shape and look forward to all the great advances that will come with building our community up once again.

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