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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bang for Your Buck

The National Association of REALTORS conducted a survey to find out which home improvement projects will get the biggest return on investment.

Here are the top 5

1. Siding replacing
2. Entry door replacement
3. Attic bedroom addition
4. Kitchen: minor remodel (see next paragraph)
5. Garage door replacement

To spruce up your kitchen without spending too much money here is a list of improvements that greatly impact the overall look of a kitchen.

1. Switch out the old hardware. This gives cabinetry a whole new look.
2. New faucet.
3. Lighting-  an LED under cabinet light adds a great effect
4. Organization- Practicality wins out with many buyers. Use baskets in a pantry, stack able shelves for cabinets, drawer organizers, over-the-door-hooks.
5. Counter tops- A new laminate counter top gives a contemporary feel.

Two Amenities Buyers LOVE-

Separate laundry room.
A first floor laundry is especially popular. However, if the laundry room is in the basement it will bode well with customers if it has good storage and organization. Installing new cabinetry and shelving and a place to fold and store the laundry will make an average laundry room over-the-top. Good lighting is also essential.


A mudroom is super popular for today's buyers. And a mudroom with storage is even better. Towers or cubbies for each family member will help de-clutter a high traffic area. If there is not a separate "room" but an entry area, organization is key. Baskets and bins are also good for keys, mail, leashes, etc.

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