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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prepping Your House For Sale On The Cheap

Here are some suggestions for getting your house ready to put on the market at little or no cost.

1. Clean- Do a deep cleaning of your house. Scrub grout and seal natural stone. Scrub flooring. Rub out scratches and nicks on walls and wood floors (Magic Eraser works very well). Wipe down kitchen cabinets, back splash and appliances. Steam clean carpeting.
A clean, fresh smelling home will win you points with buyers every time. Sense of smell is one of the biggest senses to play on. If your house smell musty, stale or like pet odor, often times buyers will not even pay attention to anything else about the house.

2. Lighting- Filling rooms with natural light is crucial. Using bright light bulbs in every room enhances the overall look of the rooms and has a major impact on buyers perception of the home. You don't want rooms to be gloomy and dark.

3. Paint- This is the most inexpensive way to spruce up a room in your house. However, don't spend too much time and effort on painting every room because a potential buyer may not like your color choice and simply re-paint when they move in.
When is it a good idea to paint?
-If a room is full of scuff marks and/or holes
-If the color is very bright and unappealing (like neon or super dark), then choose a very neutral color like beige or light brown
- Do touch ups if you have leftover paint. No need to paint the entire room.

4. Rearrange or remove furniture- Make clear traffic patterns throughout the rooms. Don't make your living room or dining room an obstacle course. Take out large pieces of furniture that make the room seem small.

5. Clean out closets- Cramped and full spaces make them seem smaller than they really are. This goes along with the idea of de-cluttering your home.

6. De-clutter- You want people looking at the architectural aspects of the home and not your stuff. Clear off counter tops and dressers. Show off book shelves and cabinets by limiting the amount of items in them. A little goes a long way.

7. House plants and flowers. They add texture and warmth

8. Make the entry inviting. It is the buyer's first impression. Change out your mailbox. Paint the door if necessary. Place a brand new welcome mat at the door.

9. Replace Some Items
-cabinet handles and pulls can be money well spent. They update the look of the cabinets with out having to replace them. You can even spray paint the old hardware of kitchen cabinets. If they are bright brass, you can can bring them up to date by spraying them a more modern color like pewter or dark bronze.
-Replace worn door knobs and handles
-Sink faucet and fixtures
-Toilet seats and rugs in bathroom

10. Power wash the house and wash windows.

11. Clean up the yard and gardens. Buyers will drive by listings before deciding to make an appointment. Don't let them get turned off and eliminate your home because the outside looks unkempt.

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