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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is Bigger Really Better?

We have seen stocks plummet on Wall Street over the past few grueling weeks. Big national banks and financial institutions are going bankrupt or being bought out. However, smaller locally owned banks and credit unions that have been serving the public for 50-100 years are still going strong, lending money and keeping their customers happy. There is a lesson to be learned about smaller businesses in general; in order to have continued success they need to work harder to keep your business. Customer service supersedes everything, and it is the key to longevity. Small to medium businesses build their reputation on performance and word of mouth. Walther Realtors has been in business for 37 years helping people make wise decisions about real estate transactions Anyone can spend a ton of money building their “brand.” However, trends show that the television market is fractured because digital cable offers hundreds of options for people. Surveys done by the National Association of Realtors reflect that the Internet is often times the first place buyers find the home they purchase or they find it through their agent. Print advertising is no longer an effective way to market a home because fewer people are paying attention to that medium to find homes for sale. In economic times like this what really sells homes? Success is attributed to the skill and experience of real estate agents & their office. Deals are harder to make and keep together. Time on market is extended and Walther REALTORS will guarantee the same high level of service throughout the entire listing period.We get paid for performance!
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